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Address: the Beijing tongzhou district SongZhuangZhen small fort hundred rich industrial estates (A district)

Telephone: 010-69598860

Fax: 010-69598996


Mail box: [email protected]

The product manager: wang lei: 15801097314

After sales and customer service xu jiao: 13691451175

Guangdong office: guangzhou tianhe district YanLing road 120th jinyan building 105 room

Contact: Daniel manager

Telephone: 15989199373

Telephone: 020-37207885

Fax: 020-37204829

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Beijing Teweinong Biological Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
Address: Beijing Tongzhou Industrial Zone, Song Zhuang Fu Court
TEL: 010-69598860 FAX: 010- 69598996

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