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The Spring Festival holiday notice

The Spring Festival holiday notice

Dear customer:


2011 Spring Festival is approaching, Beijing special taste strong biological technology development limited company staff in this deeply grateful to you for a long time for support and attention!

We 2011 Spring Festival holiday arranged as following: 2011 January 29 (lunar on December 26) - feb. 9 (lunar: the seventh), feb. 10 (January 8th lunar:) a normal work.

To ensure the feast and business two not mistake, our company sincerely remind you pay attention to the following matters:

1. During the holidays we will not arrange production and delivery, please contact your company ready; work well in advance years ago,

2. During the holidays such as occupy, please contact with regional sales manager.

Hope your company gives cooperate! Thank you!

The New Year, we will be the best quality service to provide you more comprehensive cooperation. Thank you again for your company to this company has been concern and support!

Wish your company in the New Year:

Business is thriving


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